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Stoddard County's online real estate multiple listing website.

     This website has been specifically designed for Stoddard County Board of Real Estate members to edit and update listings throughout Stoddard County, Missouri.

     All real estate listings in the area will be updated on a daily basis so that the information will be current and available via the internet 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. In addition, Creative Design Group has designed this site in such a way for details regarding recently sold properties, such as purchase price, to be available.

     This website, www.dextermls.com, is an attempt to keep all real estate information current on a daily basis and have all Dexter real estate information available to the public. Listings will include price, size, photos and full descriptions of the properties. Our search features let you search only new listings, or by price or location to narrow down your choices. You can even search recently sold properties by price range to find out market conditions. This Creative Design Group program, in conjunction with Dexter Real Estate Agents, allows for rapid information distribution region-wide.

Membership Pricing

  • 1 time set-up fee of $45 to Creative Design Group
  • Prepaid monthly fee to CDG of $35 billed quarterly at $105/quarter
  • All billing must be paid within 30 days to avoid having access denied
To check out our website design and hosting business, please visit Creative Design Group at www.4cdg.com and view our portfolio. CDG is one of the largest website design firms in the Midwest with offices in Malden, Missouri, and Jonesboro, Arkansas.



A service of Creative Design Group

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